Programs & Services

Resource Room

Students in the resource room meet once or twice in a four-day rotation. Teachers monitor homework and provide assistance with assignment completion. Teachers also provide study skills and organizational strategies to help the student learn to function independently in their classes. Resource room teachers maintain weekly contact with all of the student’s teachers to monitor student’s status in their respective classes.

Consultant Teacher (CT)

Students in the CT setting benefit from having two teachers in their classrooms. One teacher specializes in the content area while the other specializes in Special Education instructional methods and strategies. Together the teachers provide a unique learning environment that incorporates a demanding curriculum while meeting the individualized needs of every student in the class.


Students in this setting benefit from smaller class sizes that cannot exceed 15 enrolled students. Students are still held to the expectations of the standard curriculum but have the opportunity to profit from greater teacher interaction and a more personalized learning experience. The 15:1 classroom also includes the services of a classroom aide who assists students during whole group instruction and provides support to the classroom teacher.


Students enrolled in the 12:1 program are in class sizes limited to 12 students and also benefit from the help of classroom aide. The teacher provides a curriculum incorporating skills needed for the student to one day function independently as an adult in society. Students spend half of the school day in classroom instruction and the other half in a vocational training program or a work-study program.

Speech/Language Pathology

Students meet regularly with a Certified Speech Pathologist to improve their mastery of the English language.

Adaptive Physical Education

Students with unique physical needs are provided with a more individualized physical education program that is structured to build on the student’s physical strengths while developing skills to improve any weaknesses.

Group/Individual Counseling

Students are matched with an experienced counselor to address social or emotional concerns that the student may be facing. Sessions range from individual to group settings. A meeting schedule is created based on the students needs.

Assistive Technology

Students receive training on any technology services indicated on their IEP to enhance their academic performance. This includes a wide range of computer software and other assistive devices. The need for assistive technology is determined on an individual basis.

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