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(Updated Sept. 28, 2017)



You can start purchasing next year's yearbook, and Recognition Ads, now. The deadline for online purchase is December 22, 2017. Prices listed below.
See the flyer for Recognition Ads in the page we created!

- Yearbooks ARE NOT included in any Senior Package. They are purchased separately and are NOT part of Graduation or Class Trips.-

Order your yearbook online
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How to Do Your Senior Photo and Submit it

Digital submissions only please. High DPI please (at least 300 - jpeg only).

Your photographer will submit this through the following link "Senior Photo Submissions":

Photos are not sent to the school, or to me. They are only submitted to this link.

Here are the instructions:
  • Upload your picture
  • Enter your First and Last name EXACTLY as you want it to appear in the yearbook.
  • Under description enter: senior picture

*Major studios (i.e. Keepsake) often submit all photos on one disk so please check with your studio and confirm that the picture was received.

I recommend using the school photographers, but if you wish here are the Senior Photo Requirements and Guidelines. Have them to us by November 3, 2017.

We do our best to respect your photo choices, but BHS reserves the right to refuse a photo. If you submit an unacceptable photo, someone will contact you for an alternative.

For best results we highly recommend the following.

  1. Background colors are subtle blues, grays etc.
  2. Avoid outdoor photos and backgrounds such as stairs or brick walls.
  3. Clothing: No tee shirts please, NO HATS, girls please no extreme neck lines, boys look best in ties. In other words: "business casual" at least. More formal is fine, too.
  4. Only head and shoulder poses. No profiles accepted, no hands showing, no extra close ups (often referred to as "large head" photos).

Note the price reduction! Recognition Ads now just $25.00 (down from $50.00), and save $10.00 on the book by ordering early! Here's the prices:

Recognition Ads

  • Recognition Ads (a photo and text is needed) are $25.00.
  • (Deadline is December 22, 2017)
Books are
  • $55.00 plus tax until September 29, 2017 to receive free icons with personalization

    • $55.00 plus tax for the book until November 3, 2017

(55 x .08 = $4.40, total of $59.40)

  • $60.00 plus tax November 4, 2017 until February 23 2018
  • (on line orders end December 22, 2017)

  • $65.00 plus tax February 24 until they're gone

(for example: 65X.08=$5.20, total of $70.20)

If you have questions please feel free to email me at

We do not take Senior Sendoffs by email. These will be created on the Josten's website. They are called Recognition ads. Also, payment for yearbooks and Recognition ads is done on the Josten's site until December 22, 2017. We will be selling yearbooks (no recog. ads) in school as well: Please send in a check payable to "Brockport Yearbook Club."

Schedule of Events for 2017/2018 Yearbook:
1. Senior Photos and quotes are due by November 3, 2017

2. Club Activity Photo Day: November 29, 2017 (in auditorium)

3. Senior Sendoffs (done online - $25.00) done by December 22, 2017 ("recognition ads")

4. Yearbook Cost Schedule - See above

- Mr. Kerner

Mr. Kerner
Yearbook Advisor
(585) 637-1870

  Sale! Save $10.00 now (pdf file - 4.96 MB)
  Free icons with personalization! (pdf file - 6.06 MB)

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